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The Value of Collaboration

"The update to the annotations tool alone has allowed clients to visually communicate the requirements of each job in the most seamless way possible."

Pratik Naik

It is common for many people to contribute to the success of an image born from Capture One. The photographer, client, stylist, among others all play an active role from capture to delivery. Often communicating ideas, edits, and changes across a team can be challenging and time consuming. The Annotations tool in Capture One solves this problem with the ability to note directly on the image, providing easy communication with teams - or simply create a reminder to yourself.  Once the image has left Capture One, Annotations can still be present as an editable and removable Layer in Photoshop, or be sent with the RAW file directly from Capture One. This further strengthens Capture One’s position as the ultimate collaborative tool building on essential features such as fast tethering, multi display support, and Capture Pilot for iOS. Industry-leading beauty and editorial retoucher - and Capture One Brand Ambassador - Pratik Naik echoes this focus on collaboration in his own workflow. "The update to the annotations tool alone has all

owed clients to visually communicate the requirements of each job in the most seamless way possible." He continued, "being able to leverage the full extent of a RAW file has always been a driving factor behind using Capture One. Filled layers carries that forward another step. I can easily

color grade an image in a layered structure. It starts with a mask being applied across the image, so I can jump right in to settings then apply globally through the entire image, just like I would in any other editing program through adjustment layers! Combine that with the full leverage of a RAW file, and I'm able to create something spectacular and customizable for my clients.”

"Capture One 11 proves yet again that the commitment to the professional photographer and retoucher is imperative. The development of workflow tools within the program and speed upgrades has already expedited my business."

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